Saturday, August 04, 2007

Baked garlics are pretty yummy~

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

I'll explain about the image later!

Two days before, I had some baked garlics (baked garlics with oil wrapped in aluminum foil) at "Tora no Ana(Tyger's Den)," a yakiniku restaurant in Nakameguro for the first time in ages, and it was just great. Baked garlics are the best.

Er, I, I've always loved you ever since I was a little child! (-I'm like telling baked garlics my feelings) Will you go out with me ??

So, like that I was all excited about baked garlics and ate dozens of them, and seems like I ate them a little too much 'cause I had quite heavy stomach feeling yesterday all day long. Burp. Seems like I got dumped by baked garlics. (._.*)

I had this heavy stomach feeling all the time until this morning, which made me feel sick (x_x*) Burp.

On another note.

I always take notes and points in my notebook all through the processes of songwriting and arranging, and sometimes I find some mysterious messages which make me think "What's this? How come I wrote things like this . . . " when I look back on the past and take a look at the notebook from time to time.

The image above is one such example!

二月(nigatsu, February)     (発音)(hatsuon, pronunciation)

2がツー(nigatsuu, two '2's)

      アホはアホ(aho ha aho, idiot is idiot)

(._.; ) . . . . Excuse me?

What did I mean to tell (lol)

Well it would be just something stupid or whatever . . . but anywayz, it's fun to see those records that are left freely on the notebooks, unlike the memorandums left in the computer~*(*^o^*)