Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sample CD

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

The sample version of my new single has just been made!

It's got lots of my photos taken in Yokohama early in the morning. I remember I had sunshine after a long time~.

I've been having my strange sleep pattern for years, and I'm beginning to wonder this could be partly because of my having too little sunlight(^ ^;)

By the way, I forgot to tell you but I did the taping of CDTV last Monday!

The set looked magical, using dry ice.

You know, speaking of dry ice I bet you have a cool, chilly image for it, right?

But this time, the studio was filled with dry ice over and over again(for sound check, camera rehearsal, run-through etc.), and it got so hot and muggy enough to make you confirm others if you were not in a TV station but a tropical rainforest!

I myself, who was singing under those lights, was hot, but I thought it must be tough for the shooting staff people to be there. Guys who were in charge of setting up the set, who were running around with camera cables, all those guys had to be in the studio and move around in there. They looked very hot~. Everybody was sweaty all over.

But if people watch the show on the air, they'd probably just have an impression that the set looks kinda cool and magical(lol)

Even just to take 4 or 5 minutes length video, it needs sweats of many people(and lots of money), you know*

I'm not kidding, seriously. Every time I see the set in TV stations I think "Wooow this is great~! Guess it costs a lot to set this up . . . " I wonder what all those things will be after the taping is over. Would there be a lot of parts that can be reused?

Seems like they get loads of trash everyday~. Something that is uses as a part of a beautiful set, turns trash after it is used . . . Sounds kinda odd, huh.