Thursday, January 27, 2005



Finally I'm able to eat at least Tofu and boiled rice!

Oh, bless you dear~~ (ToT ) ) ( ( ToT)

Those days with only cold soup, "Weider in Jelly" and yogurt are gone! Tofu is Here to Stay! Tofu rules! Like say Hiyayakko(cold tofu), Agedashi Tofu(fried tofu), Chinese Tofu dishes etc etc etc . . . I'm getting to be more of a Tofu-lover than ever!

Speaking of love, I wear glasses myself . . . but I can well understand the feelings of the boys who love girls wearing glasses!! Don't know why, but girls wearing glasses are so cute, huh - including a big sister-ish glasses-woman; a little frumpy-looking goofy glasses-girl or somebody like that.
I also think the boys who look good with glasses are so (^-^) nice! Why~*, how come*tla la la* It's always been kinda my fetish.

Speaking of fetish, honestly I have this thing about boys (NOTE: I call men 'boys' no matter how old they are) looking good in a sweater, too. This could be too common to be called a fetish. The winter season could be too provocative for me to go out if I really had a sweater fetish. (lol)

When I was talking about stuff like that with my friend-boy . . .

"Oh, so you must be hooked on you-know-who,

that guy,



Hollllllllyyyy Craaaaap!! ('o' ;) He, he can say that again!!

Th('o' ;)that can't be!!

No!(x_x ;) I, I'm not hooked on him! Yong-sama is not my type at all!

Grr, how come?! Don't know why but I'm like trying desperately to deny this! (lol)

. . . That's about it recently.

I got the feeling that I understood the secret of his popularity a little.

By the way, it seems like my English message I posted the other day had been translated into Japanese by the media people, and the contents were reported like I was gonna support to assist Sumatra suffering, but . . .

What I wanted to tell you in that message was: although it is a great thing that the support activities for tsunami hazard have been drawing a lot of attention and people all over the world are pitching in, we have disasters and incidents that deserve equal attention almost every day . . .
As a Japanese for example, if I donate to Sumatra, it wouldn't make sense without supporting Niigata equally as well . . . I had a feeling like that. That's what I felt.

I just wanted to tell you about this! Well then, Ciao!

(NOTES by Nuuk)
"Weider in Jelly" ... a jelly-like health drink.
"Yong-sama" ... Bae Yongjoon, a Korean male actor, a big boom in Japan now(2004~).
"Niigata" ... located on the northern Japan Sea coast. a massive earthquake occurred in Niigata back in October 2004.

Sipping on ice coffee in the dead of winter...

(this message is originally written in English. please check her official site)

Friday, January 21, 2005

My passage to adulthood is . . .

After I uploaded my previous message.

I filled my mouth with super-strong meds(piece of cake, as the anesthesia had worn off already and I could take the meds as was). My face wasn't swollen that much. My tight smile looked so-so. No problem to have a meeting for a couple of hours. I fought off the side-effect drowsiness and set off.

The staff led me to the meeting place.
Ah, so it's a restaurant. Wonder if it's gonna be like a reception. God, I can't eat anything now. With thinking like that I went into the restaurant.


(T__T) *weeeep* (in a lot of ways)

I mean, cuz on the day before I suddenly decided to pull my wisdom teeth out on that day, while they'd been planning it all along, so I could imagine my dad and the staff were in a panic, oh my! So that's why Kabata-san said "Oh . . . . well, wouldn't it be better to do it on the 20th . . . we also have a meeting on the 19th . . . " when he took me to the dental office . . .
(T__T) *weeeep* I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, I'll obey Kabata-san from now on!

This cute restaurant, located in Downtown, had a high ceiling and soft lighting. It even had bookshelves, so they picked this one probably cuz they thought I the bookworm would love it. Woot the dishes look pretty amazing too . . .
(T__T) *weeeep* I can't put solid things in my mouth now.

Still, I was full of energy enough to enjoy chatting with visitors, having no pain at all! Delighted by the presents and laughed out loud. A waiter gave me a glass of champagne but I'd just pass it to someone next to me. Since I wasn't allowed to drink alcohol in the US until last year(the legal drinking age is 21), I'd just think of myself as *20 years old*

*dropping on my knees I'm going back . . .

Though it was a hectic day all day, they made my birthday indeed a memorable, special one. Had I only had the operation in the morning and worked at night, I might've felt kinda sad. Thank you so much for the nice party.

Some of the staff are those I meet more often than family, others I've been working together since I was 15. It's like, my growth is being watched by many people.

I wanna be a mature person, who doesn't come in late. Not that like keeping the people worried, but I'll try to be a mature adult who can be respected by everyone! - I went to sleep and the next morning of my birthday I got up and found that my cheeks were swollen.

*dropping on my knees I look like, a small kid . . .

(NOTE by Nuuk)
"*dropping on my knees" ... dropping-on-one's-knees mark.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Presents from the Dentist

Many thanks for your birthday greetings!

It's in the afternoon of January 19th in NY right now. Oh! Some flakes of powder snow have just fluttered down onto the veranda. Wow! The snow flakes are now fluttering into the PC screen - wait, the windows are open?!
. . . No wonder it's been chilly here. (windows now closed)

Before answering your "How do you spend your birthday this year?" question . . .

. . . let's go back to 10 am in the morning of yesterday.

Just arrived at the dental office! I've already downloaded/printed the first visit form, and filled it yesterday as well.
"Do you have any allergies?" "No"
"Are you taking any drugs or medication at this time?" "No"
"When was the last time you visited the office?" "A year ago"

. . . Why can't I just be honest and write "Two and a half years ago" . . .

That happens. ('-' )(._. )('-' )(._. )*nodding head*
I started the last day of my 21 in that manner with such a pointless lie and feeling of guilt.

I was called to the inner room like "Come this way please . . ." when waiting on the sofa and I was like "Could it be that my lie has been exposed??", but it was just a confirmation if it would be ok to take an X-ray first before the examination. No problem!

I waited on the sofa for another while, then safely arrived at the exam room! First came the teeth cleaning. When I was said "Your teeth are well cared and healthy!" and excited by it, the Boss Dentist came in the room! His-his uniform color was russet!

I said "I think I have a cavity in my back tooth," then looking at the x-ray picture he replied "Your wisdom teeth are all crooked sideways, and one of them is about to fester."

. . . Oh yeah . . . didn't know that. Good that I didn't have a cavity . . .
"What are your plans for tomorrow? Why don't you have operation tomorrow morning. This is like, you are holding a bomb."

Eh? Huh?!
Right out of a clear blue sky?? You come in all of a sudden with those russet tops and bottoms and say such things?! I say YOU are the bomb!

Hey calm down and think: festering and swelling could come anytime and disrupt my schedule if I missed this chance, and I've gotta recover asap if I really go for it, ah damn, "Okay then I'll be here again tomorrow morning!!!"


So that's why I went to the dental office to pull my wisdom teeth out this morning. (that's more like 'cutting, cracking, breaking down, pulling, scraping, again pulling, then taking out' than just 'pulling out,' isn't it?)

At first I thought that it would be the about-to-fester one only to be pulled out, but he went on to the 2nd one, then 3rd, then 4th - so I was like "Oh my, he just doesn't stop!" and couldn't take my eyes off the Boss Dentist! He sometimes hummed along to the radio. Oh this song is . . . Sade's, how romantic. (T__T)

The operation was over by the time his Sade humming made me shed tears.

I returned home and went straight to the fridge without taking my shoes off, as I was told just to lick ice cubes to prevent the swelling! I really wanted to prevent the swelling, cuz I was to have a important meeting in the night! But the plastic ice cube tray was propped against a corner in the fridge since I usually didn't use it. (:weep:) It was empty, of course.

I rushed to pull the tray out and pour water into it, then tried to put the tray carefully back onto the flat space of the fridge, but . . .

. . . a huge 1-liter bottle of vodka was blocking the tray out!!
(T o T) Aaarghh

Who the heck bought this huge commercial-sized thing - me. It's stupid of me to realize this now, but this one isn't for home use after all . . .

Now I safely put the tray in the fridge(vodka bottle now taken out). I took out two penicillin tablets and other two kinds of pain pills from the bag! Broke them into pieces as I had trouble swallowing tablets - very desperately indeed!!!
My hands shaking as I had 20cc of blood taken before the exam; my brain half-awake thanks to the anesthesia; my mouth open easily and blood dripping; eek, now sweating too! - uh oh, I was still wearing my coat.
. . . No wonder it was so hot. (but I gotta take meds first! then take my coat off!)

After an uphill struggle against great odds, I finally swallowed all the meds, took my coat off and then set to work on this message. You know, I found myself enjoying writing this long message. Or should I better say "this short story."
Of course I chose Sade for the background music of typing. (lol)

Thank you Mr. Dentist, for wonderful memories and penicillin doping on my 22nd birthday . . .

Am I okay with the meeting tonight? ('_' ; )

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Where to start, where to start...

(this message is originally written in English. please check her official site)

What the . . . ?

I found my always-on air cleaner was a bit dusty.

('o'|||) That can't be!

Monday, January 17, 2005

Long time no see!!

Gee. It's been a long time!!
Utada is here thinking "Till how old can I be called 'Hikki'?" once in a while. Hikki is here!
It's been so long since I last updated that I'd been embarrassed to update here again. . . It's something like those appreciative words "it's delicious" or "thank you" that the husband of the married couple with poor communications for a long time is hesitant to tell his wife. . . that kind of stuff. (I'm still the same when trying to explain things)

Actually, I finally got the nerve to make my dental appointment which I had long-postponed. Jumping on the bandwagon of my courage I'm gonna update my message - ! Yahoo here we go !

There's one more reason that stirred me up to think I just gotta go ahead (> <). I have this friend who's been updating the section like here regularly everyday. . . and the other day it hit me like "What the heck am I doing here!?!" when I saw him sitting down at the PC, deciding what to write, correcting proofs and then posting the message!! That's exactly the feeling like:

Mr. Anzai . . . I wanna write . . . a message . . .

Anyway I've got tons to write: my recent works in the US and Japan, driver's license, impressions on books and movies. I'll write about them little by little cuz I've got too much things to pour out in one go. To write messages here, decently - this is one of my resolutions this year. You know, I checked "UPDATE" on my Toshiba EMI site and it was Aug. 18??! Last summer?!? And oh my that was the long-ago announcement of "Kuwazu-girai" TV program?! This isn't so good.

Come to think of it, since I left this place I've come to see the word "blog" here and there; and the other day I dropped by Mr. Furuta's blog and found that Manabe Kaori san's blog was now the most trackbacked one in Japan. Seems like I'm so behind the times being like "Wh-What is TRACKBACK--? Hey what does it mean-? (TOT)". Wonder if it would be better to change the system of this place to blog-thing. For me it's all the same, so I'll leave this matter in your hands. Guys please let me know if you have any thoughts on it.

Whew. You'd find weird tag lines and muddy texts, typos and omissions etc etc caused by my long absence. Can you please cut me a break for a brief while, so I'll restore my tone again in the meantime I believe. - well all of these has been the problem before my absence actually. SMILEY Bwahhahahahh!!

Maybe it's not a bad thing that I remain the same as I have been but is it all right if I. . .never improve myself? I'm pushing 22(zorome!). Wow, don't you think I'm like someone who hasn't been in touch with you for a while and then sends you a futile email some days before your birthday?
OK, I think this is all for today! (I must bring this to a close)

In closing.
A Happy New Year. Record disasters and catastrophes occurred across the globe in the new year, in this period of time that we all figure out our life, our future. That tells me that I shouldn't only be thinking about my own year 2005 thing but I should look to where my eyes should be set. Beyond that my another new possibility will come into sight, I think.

Ah this closing message sounds kinda bossy, after a long time. . . um, but this year-end and new year period really made me think about things like that. It will be nice if we can make our new year a good one by each other.

See ya!

(NOTES by Nuuk)
"Mr. Anzai . . . " ... parody of a line in Japanese manga "Slam Dunk." The original line is "Mr. Anzai. . . I wanna play basketball."
"Mr. Furuta" ... Atsuya Furuta, a Japanese professional baseball player.
"Manabe Kaori san" ... Kaori Manabe, a Japanese on-screen talent.
"zorome" ... is said if the same numbers line up. Regarded as a fortune.