Thursday, January 27, 2005



Finally I'm able to eat at least Tofu and boiled rice!

Oh, bless you dear~~ (ToT ) ) ( ( ToT)

Those days with only cold soup, "Weider in Jelly" and yogurt are gone! Tofu is Here to Stay! Tofu rules! Like say Hiyayakko(cold tofu), Agedashi Tofu(fried tofu), Chinese Tofu dishes etc etc etc . . . I'm getting to be more of a Tofu-lover than ever!

Speaking of love, I wear glasses myself . . . but I can well understand the feelings of the boys who love girls wearing glasses!! Don't know why, but girls wearing glasses are so cute, huh - including a big sister-ish glasses-woman; a little frumpy-looking goofy glasses-girl or somebody like that.
I also think the boys who look good with glasses are so (^-^) nice! Why~*, how come*tla la la* It's always been kinda my fetish.

Speaking of fetish, honestly I have this thing about boys (NOTE: I call men 'boys' no matter how old they are) looking good in a sweater, too. This could be too common to be called a fetish. The winter season could be too provocative for me to go out if I really had a sweater fetish. (lol)

When I was talking about stuff like that with my friend-boy . . .

"Oh, so you must be hooked on you-know-who,

that guy,



Hollllllllyyyy Craaaaap!! ('o' ;) He, he can say that again!!

Th('o' ;)that can't be!!

No!(x_x ;) I, I'm not hooked on him! Yong-sama is not my type at all!

Grr, how come?! Don't know why but I'm like trying desperately to deny this! (lol)

. . . That's about it recently.

I got the feeling that I understood the secret of his popularity a little.

By the way, it seems like my English message I posted the other day had been translated into Japanese by the media people, and the contents were reported like I was gonna support to assist Sumatra suffering, but . . .

What I wanted to tell you in that message was: although it is a great thing that the support activities for tsunami hazard have been drawing a lot of attention and people all over the world are pitching in, we have disasters and incidents that deserve equal attention almost every day . . .
As a Japanese for example, if I donate to Sumatra, it wouldn't make sense without supporting Niigata equally as well . . . I had a feeling like that. That's what I felt.

I just wanted to tell you about this! Well then, Ciao!

(NOTES by Nuuk)
"Weider in Jelly" ... a jelly-like health drink.
"Yong-sama" ... Bae Yongjoon, a Korean male actor, a big boom in Japan now(2004~).
"Niigata" ... located on the northern Japan Sea coast. a massive earthquake occurred in Niigata back in October 2004.