Friday, January 21, 2005

My passage to adulthood is . . .

After I uploaded my previous message.

I filled my mouth with super-strong meds(piece of cake, as the anesthesia had worn off already and I could take the meds as was). My face wasn't swollen that much. My tight smile looked so-so. No problem to have a meeting for a couple of hours. I fought off the side-effect drowsiness and set off.

The staff led me to the meeting place.
Ah, so it's a restaurant. Wonder if it's gonna be like a reception. God, I can't eat anything now. With thinking like that I went into the restaurant.


(T__T) *weeeep* (in a lot of ways)

I mean, cuz on the day before I suddenly decided to pull my wisdom teeth out on that day, while they'd been planning it all along, so I could imagine my dad and the staff were in a panic, oh my! So that's why Kabata-san said "Oh . . . . well, wouldn't it be better to do it on the 20th . . . we also have a meeting on the 19th . . . " when he took me to the dental office . . .
(T__T) *weeeep* I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, I'll obey Kabata-san from now on!

This cute restaurant, located in Downtown, had a high ceiling and soft lighting. It even had bookshelves, so they picked this one probably cuz they thought I the bookworm would love it. Woot the dishes look pretty amazing too . . .
(T__T) *weeeep* I can't put solid things in my mouth now.

Still, I was full of energy enough to enjoy chatting with visitors, having no pain at all! Delighted by the presents and laughed out loud. A waiter gave me a glass of champagne but I'd just pass it to someone next to me. Since I wasn't allowed to drink alcohol in the US until last year(the legal drinking age is 21), I'd just think of myself as *20 years old*

*dropping on my knees I'm going back . . .

Though it was a hectic day all day, they made my birthday indeed a memorable, special one. Had I only had the operation in the morning and worked at night, I might've felt kinda sad. Thank you so much for the nice party.

Some of the staff are those I meet more often than family, others I've been working together since I was 15. It's like, my growth is being watched by many people.

I wanna be a mature person, who doesn't come in late. Not that like keeping the people worried, but I'll try to be a mature adult who can be respected by everyone! - I went to sleep and the next morning of my birthday I got up and found that my cheeks were swollen.

*dropping on my knees I look like, a small kid . . .

(NOTE by Nuuk)
"*dropping on my knees" ... dropping-on-one's-knees mark.