Thursday, January 20, 2005

Presents from the Dentist

Many thanks for your birthday greetings!

It's in the afternoon of January 19th in NY right now. Oh! Some flakes of powder snow have just fluttered down onto the veranda. Wow! The snow flakes are now fluttering into the PC screen - wait, the windows are open?!
. . . No wonder it's been chilly here. (windows now closed)

Before answering your "How do you spend your birthday this year?" question . . .

. . . let's go back to 10 am in the morning of yesterday.

Just arrived at the dental office! I've already downloaded/printed the first visit form, and filled it yesterday as well.
"Do you have any allergies?" "No"
"Are you taking any drugs or medication at this time?" "No"
"When was the last time you visited the office?" "A year ago"

. . . Why can't I just be honest and write "Two and a half years ago" . . .

That happens. ('-' )(._. )('-' )(._. )*nodding head*
I started the last day of my 21 in that manner with such a pointless lie and feeling of guilt.

I was called to the inner room like "Come this way please . . ." when waiting on the sofa and I was like "Could it be that my lie has been exposed??", but it was just a confirmation if it would be ok to take an X-ray first before the examination. No problem!

I waited on the sofa for another while, then safely arrived at the exam room! First came the teeth cleaning. When I was said "Your teeth are well cared and healthy!" and excited by it, the Boss Dentist came in the room! His-his uniform color was russet!

I said "I think I have a cavity in my back tooth," then looking at the x-ray picture he replied "Your wisdom teeth are all crooked sideways, and one of them is about to fester."

. . . Oh yeah . . . didn't know that. Good that I didn't have a cavity . . .
"What are your plans for tomorrow? Why don't you have operation tomorrow morning. This is like, you are holding a bomb."

Eh? Huh?!
Right out of a clear blue sky?? You come in all of a sudden with those russet tops and bottoms and say such things?! I say YOU are the bomb!

Hey calm down and think: festering and swelling could come anytime and disrupt my schedule if I missed this chance, and I've gotta recover asap if I really go for it, ah damn, "Okay then I'll be here again tomorrow morning!!!"


So that's why I went to the dental office to pull my wisdom teeth out this morning. (that's more like 'cutting, cracking, breaking down, pulling, scraping, again pulling, then taking out' than just 'pulling out,' isn't it?)

At first I thought that it would be the about-to-fester one only to be pulled out, but he went on to the 2nd one, then 3rd, then 4th - so I was like "Oh my, he just doesn't stop!" and couldn't take my eyes off the Boss Dentist! He sometimes hummed along to the radio. Oh this song is . . . Sade's, how romantic. (T__T)

The operation was over by the time his Sade humming made me shed tears.

I returned home and went straight to the fridge without taking my shoes off, as I was told just to lick ice cubes to prevent the swelling! I really wanted to prevent the swelling, cuz I was to have a important meeting in the night! But the plastic ice cube tray was propped against a corner in the fridge since I usually didn't use it. (:weep:) It was empty, of course.

I rushed to pull the tray out and pour water into it, then tried to put the tray carefully back onto the flat space of the fridge, but . . .

. . . a huge 1-liter bottle of vodka was blocking the tray out!!
(T o T) Aaarghh

Who the heck bought this huge commercial-sized thing - me. It's stupid of me to realize this now, but this one isn't for home use after all . . .

Now I safely put the tray in the fridge(vodka bottle now taken out). I took out two penicillin tablets and other two kinds of pain pills from the bag! Broke them into pieces as I had trouble swallowing tablets - very desperately indeed!!!
My hands shaking as I had 20cc of blood taken before the exam; my brain half-awake thanks to the anesthesia; my mouth open easily and blood dripping; eek, now sweating too! - uh oh, I was still wearing my coat.
. . . No wonder it was so hot. (but I gotta take meds first! then take my coat off!)

After an uphill struggle against great odds, I finally swallowed all the meds, took my coat off and then set to work on this message. You know, I found myself enjoying writing this long message. Or should I better say "this short story."
Of course I chose Sade for the background music of typing. (lol)

Thank you Mr. Dentist, for wonderful memories and penicillin doping on my 22nd birthday . . .

Am I okay with the meeting tonight? ('_' ; )