Monday, January 17, 2005

Long time no see!!

Gee. It's been a long time!!
Utada is here thinking "Till how old can I be called 'Hikki'?" once in a while. Hikki is here!
It's been so long since I last updated that I'd been embarrassed to update here again. . . It's something like those appreciative words "it's delicious" or "thank you" that the husband of the married couple with poor communications for a long time is hesitant to tell his wife. . . that kind of stuff. (I'm still the same when trying to explain things)

Actually, I finally got the nerve to make my dental appointment which I had long-postponed. Jumping on the bandwagon of my courage I'm gonna update my message - ! Yahoo here we go !

There's one more reason that stirred me up to think I just gotta go ahead (> <). I have this friend who's been updating the section like here regularly everyday. . . and the other day it hit me like "What the heck am I doing here!?!" when I saw him sitting down at the PC, deciding what to write, correcting proofs and then posting the message!! That's exactly the feeling like:

Mr. Anzai . . . I wanna write . . . a message . . .

Anyway I've got tons to write: my recent works in the US and Japan, driver's license, impressions on books and movies. I'll write about them little by little cuz I've got too much things to pour out in one go. To write messages here, decently - this is one of my resolutions this year. You know, I checked "UPDATE" on my Toshiba EMI site and it was Aug. 18??! Last summer?!? And oh my that was the long-ago announcement of "Kuwazu-girai" TV program?! This isn't so good.

Come to think of it, since I left this place I've come to see the word "blog" here and there; and the other day I dropped by Mr. Furuta's blog and found that Manabe Kaori san's blog was now the most trackbacked one in Japan. Seems like I'm so behind the times being like "Wh-What is TRACKBACK--? Hey what does it mean-? (TOT)". Wonder if it would be better to change the system of this place to blog-thing. For me it's all the same, so I'll leave this matter in your hands. Guys please let me know if you have any thoughts on it.

Whew. You'd find weird tag lines and muddy texts, typos and omissions etc etc caused by my long absence. Can you please cut me a break for a brief while, so I'll restore my tone again in the meantime I believe. - well all of these has been the problem before my absence actually. SMILEY Bwahhahahahh!!

Maybe it's not a bad thing that I remain the same as I have been but is it all right if I. . .never improve myself? I'm pushing 22(zorome!). Wow, don't you think I'm like someone who hasn't been in touch with you for a while and then sends you a futile email some days before your birthday?
OK, I think this is all for today! (I must bring this to a close)

In closing.
A Happy New Year. Record disasters and catastrophes occurred across the globe in the new year, in this period of time that we all figure out our life, our future. That tells me that I shouldn't only be thinking about my own year 2005 thing but I should look to where my eyes should be set. Beyond that my another new possibility will come into sight, I think.

Ah this closing message sounds kinda bossy, after a long time. . . um, but this year-end and new year period really made me think about things like that. It will be nice if we can make our new year a good one by each other.

See ya!

(NOTES by Nuuk)
"Mr. Anzai . . . " ... parody of a line in Japanese manga "Slam Dunk." The original line is "Mr. Anzai. . . I wanna play basketball."
"Mr. Furuta" ... Atsuya Furuta, a Japanese professional baseball player.
"Manabe Kaori san" ... Kaori Manabe, a Japanese on-screen talent.
"zorome" ... is said if the same numbers line up. Regarded as a fortune.