Sunday, February 03, 2008

Today's "I'm home"

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

It's begun~

My promotional activities have been started~

Those works that I asked to postpone a couple of days because of my severe back pain - I completed them today, finally.

I did my best with the feeling of "I'm sorry to trouble you all( ; _ ; )"

My back pain got better now and I was fine when I was at work.

Today's work is over!

My promotions are planned to continue for a while, so I gotta make sure to keep in good shape(._.*)


Kuma Chang I'm hoooooooooooome ! ! !

I'm still wearing my eye makeup, but I've cleaned up my face with the facial-tissue like thing I got from my makeup staff san so Kuma Chang doesn't get dirty if my cheeks touched him a little!

I took the above photo

Kuma Chang(lol)

Just let me say what a big h . . . forget it, sorry Kuma Chang(lol)

You've run out of the frame!