Friday, February 01, 2008

Hikaru distorted

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

I thought of organizing & disposing the CD-Rs I took home from the studio during the album recording, and found this one(lol)

The "Yakekuso(desperation)" DEMO (lol)

Note this is just a temporary title! (lol)

This is the song I made lastly, a quite groovy song which' has become my fave, but I made it in the state of standing on the very edge of a cliff, so I named the song file "Yakekuso" in "Giri Giri(edge of the cliff)" folder when I saved it in my computer.

My mind tends to get distorted when I go through the hardest part of album making, probably because I need to write music and lyrics like crazy . . .

I wonder why it actually happens(._.*)

Both at the time when I made ULTRA BLUE, and this time, in the final phase of wrapping up I drank with a vengeance at work in the studio, turned very sadistic and cursed at the staff guys around me(Nothing new, did you say?), my life got messed up, I got hard-eyed, had a quarrel with my friend in a pub and stormed out of there weeping - that way I get distorted in mind and body(._.*)

Sometimes I wish if I could wrap up an album in the state of, like, breeziness, but I know it's most likely not feasible.

But this time, at least it was good that the last song I made turned out to be a bright, groovy one!

In the night when I had to wrap up the last song by the next day, at first I started to work on a ballad which I had been having up my sleeve for a while, but it was kinda so unspectacular, hard and intolerable, that I gave up the ballad like "You're totally pissing me off! Just go into the trash can!" and started making "Yakekuso" from around past 12 am midnight.

It was very good that I wrapped it up by the noon and was able to take it to the studio(;_; )

Well, once on shore pray no more, and I forget about all the hardships! (lol)

The "distorted" period has been completely over, and now I'm all right.

Right now I'm in the midst of the work called "mastering." Just a few more steps left before the album completion, in the real sense of the term! I have a feeling that this is gonna be a best . . . *pant pant*!