Friday, February 01, 2008


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It seems like the news about the poisoning symptoms of made-in-China frozen gyōza has been making headlines across the nation.

The news made me wanna eat gyōza desperately, so I cooked the frozen gyōza by Ikebukuro Gyōza Museum that Komori-kun gave to me on my birthday, and ate it!

It tasted good (^0^)

I've always loved gyōza and been saying I wanna visit Ikebukuro Gyōza Museum for a long time, which hasn't been realized yet, and Komori-kun bought this for me as he remembered what I was saying.

When I told him "The news made me wanna eat gyōza, so I cooked that one you gave me and ate it. It tasted good. Thank you", he replied me "I was just about to email you to tell not to eat the gyōza I gave you if it was made in China !! "

I wrote "I'm happy to be killed by the gyōza given by Komori-kun*", then he replied "It matters to me very much if Hikaru-san were killed by the gyōza I gave you(lol)"

Makes sense(._.*)

He'll be held liable for that(._.*)

I don't wanna be killed by gyōza, honestly(._.*)

I feel sorry for the people who suffered from this incident.

The food safety thing . . .

Maybe I gotta live a self-sufficient life, by growing vegetables and keeping chickens and such myself(._.*)

Or the job of poison taster might be popular(lol)

Come to think of it, I wonder why China did such a thing like this that would be soon discovered(sob) Kuma Chang, born in China, is concerned about the news, feeling small.(sob)

Oh ! ! by the way, changing the subject !

I heard the chaku-movie clip by Recochoku has been at the top for the past 6 days!

I appreciate that very much