Friday, December 21, 2007

Love potion

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Awwwwwwwwww (T o T)

I thought of writing a new message and checked the net, then found the news of the announcer Ms. Do Mariko's marriage on the top page!

Do sa-------------n (T o T)

You know I was secretly in love withh her!
I'm just kidding.


My Mariko-tan (T o T) Goodbye to the light of my youth (T o T)

I'm always excited whenever I appear on M-Ste. It's because Do-san is so cute. I sniff her when she is around *Sorry I'm such a kinky girl* (She always smells like sweet fragrance) (So was I always thinking about things like this when I appear on M-Ste!? (lol) (Yes exactly)

She tops the list of my "announcers I wanna go out with" ranking! She's the only one! I always approach, correct, talk to her when we have a meeting about talk parts or in rehearsals (lol)

Well, all right, we very much understood how much you love Do-san,

- now what's this picture all about?

I got it from this hair stylist person who's been cutting my hair for these past two years.

It's called "A Love Potion Chocolate from Ecuador, South America"! It's the chocolate containing chili pepper.

It says "In Maya civilization there was a custom of drinking cacao as a decoction, with plenty of chili pepper to give it a snap. And people drank it as love potion."

I was given this with this comment "It may be fun if you eat it with somebody," but when I tried one it tasted so good, that I ended up eating all of them by myself. A waste of love potion! (lol)

But you know, it's the chocolate with a chili pepper taste! It has a spicy hot flavor-of-life in sweet chocolate!

Man it was so yummy.

On top of hat it's got this too cute package. The chili pepper shaped fleecy drawstring bag! This is cute isn't it. I'm considering if there is any good use for it!

For your information, I didn't have any effect of love potion from it. Maybe it's just a matter of feeling I guess. (lol)