Thursday, December 20, 2007


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Time passes so fast and December 20th is already here . . . !!

Really fast ((((  ;*m*)))

It's already the very end of the year before I knew it. No wonder it's been getting chilly in Tokyo lately.

I heard that yesterday was particularly? cold, but I was taking a walk for the whole afternoon without knowing such a thing. A walk for the first time in a long time. Autumn and winter are the seasons for walking! You've got to take a walk!

So, I took a walk to a park in the slight distance, wandered around, then found two stray cats sitting on a bench, so I sat next to them. They were huddled up with the severe cold, and when someone started to eat something at a distance, they moved in and stare at the person with longing in their eyes.

Winter really is the severe season, for stray cats.

I bought a tuna can in a convenience store, and another two appeared as soon as I opened the can, so I bought more and watched them until they had enough.

After that I once again went there as I worried about them, then the most friendly one stared at me and said "Meow meow meow" so maybe it remembered my face.

I have a feeling I will go there again . . .

There were a bunch of stray cats living around the apartment where I had lived in with my parents when we had come back to Tokyo, and the bossy one was real cute, smart, friendly and attached himself to us so we often fed him, but when we went to New York and came back, he was dead.

He couldn't survive winter. He was called Brown Sugar by us the Utada family, as his color was like of brown sugar cubes.

We very much regretted that we hadn't kept him in our apartment, and it looked like my mom mourned his death very much too. (all of our family are cat lovers)

I remembered that cat and couldn't help but feed them.

I hope they will survive winter (._.*)