Monday, December 24, 2007

Eve morning

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

December 24th is already here~!

It's the Merry Christmas Eve~.

And same as the last year, Utada Hikaru is scheduled to do some shootings~.

Like artist photos. And movie materials for commercials. I'm going to shoot all those kind of stuff today.

Lately I get sleepy quite early in the night, hit the sack at an early hour when I'm at home, and always wake up at half past 3am in the morning((((  ;*m*)))

My dad was saying the same kind of things

Could this be

the life cycle of grandpa or grandma? ((((  ;*m*)))

Gahhh alright I'll do the radio gymnastics then(*-_-*)
And dry-skin brushing(*-_-*)
And wear Attento(*-_-*)

But the good thing is that I'm never late for work when it starts from early in the morning, as I'm always completely awake(lol)

Today I'll get to the shooting site right on time so that everyone will be surprised! I'll surprise all of them!