Tuesday, December 25, 2007

*Merry Christmas*

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Yesterday the weather was nice and sunny!

I did all the shootings in the studio as usual, though.

As it's been a long time since I last did the shootings, I found I had muscle aches in some weird parts of my body when I got up this morning, but anywayz a bunch of nice photos taken~. I feel quite *fulfilled*

Later that day in the evening I moved to an another studio and saw a lot, a bunch of people! people! people! around Harajuku station where I passed by on the way. Seems like it was partly because a concert was held nearby, but even excluding that, there was a lot of people around the station, as if any festival was going on.

I couldn't help but murmur "Jeez . . . I don't wanna go out . . ." Being lively is not a bad thing, though.

I think I prefer quiet New Year days where you see fewer people, over exciting Christmas.

I just felt like eating Nattō, and checked the fridge as I remembered there should be some in there which I bought some time ago, and yes there you go!!!! I found the Nattō!!


. . . . Oh

. . . . It says the expiration date was 22th.

. . . .

But that doesn't matter at all! (Kojima-san, keep it up next year!)

So, I rushed to taste the 3-day expired Nattō.

It tasted so good.

Utada Hikaru is the type of person who is happy to eat expired things as long as they don't get moldy or smell strange, basically.

"Nattō is nothin' but fermented soybeans, huh? There shouldn't be a problem"

I believe it's not just me who eats expired Nattō telling myself that. I mean, it's just natural if you are a Japanese!! (I know that's not a good reason)

So anywayz,

*Merry Christmas*