Wednesday, September 05, 2007


(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

I love to find disorders of book prints, and typos/omissions that editors didn't manage to correct.

You'll hardly find the latter ones, but those can be seen in English books from time to time. Like, you may find a grammatically unnecessary "to" in them. That's about it.

What makes me excited when I find in Japanese books, is those tiny lint-like spots of ink.

It looks kinda like, a strange tiny creature that had turned into a fossil many ages ago, or a crack on the page, or a microbe under a microscope, or just a weird dust. I feel happy when I find it. (I feel disappointed when I touch it and learn it is just a dust)

The ink-chan, who had left himself as a strange lint-like spot on the side with no connection to the original purpose, while other inks had turned into printed words just as they were supposed to be and become cool guys recognized not as "ink" but "words."

What a misfit.

I wonder what makes ink spots in the shape like this. I'm curious about it! Maybe I don't know at all about how book printing works. I've never seen it actually.

Ah speaking of that, I also wanna take a tour of CD manufacturing plants someday!