Tuesday, September 04, 2007

A hand sneaking from behind

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

*sneaks up*

*rubs rubs*

*rubs rubs rubs rubs rubs rubs rubs*

"What are u doin   Hikaru-chan"

'Kuma Chang's butt is so big and cute~. aiko-san told me she also thinks Kuma Chang is cute, and you looks like an alive bear.'

"Who is it"

'She's the person who's doing the same job as I am. She is so tiny and cute!'

"Is she   that tiny"

'I bet nobody could find her if she hid behind your butt.'

"Maybe she needed more fabric"


"Me think   maybe   her papa and mamma   had few fabrics   when they made aiko-san   so they made her   small"

' . . . Well, it'd be probably something like that . . . I guess.'

"Me is okay   to give some my fabric   to her   cuz she is   a friend of   Hikaru-chan   Me got   a lot of cotton too   u know"