Wednesday, July 11, 2007

It's hard to draw a picture of food

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

I wanted to talk about daikon oroshi (grated radish) but didn't have the real thing on hand, so I drew a picture of it.

Once again I thought that it's difficult to draw a picture of food!

If only there were some medias like paints on which I could blend the colors . . . ! Well actually I rushed to color the picture with colored pencils. So it looks like this.

Yaki zakana (baked fish) and daikon oroshi, the ultimate duo. We always eat them together for granted, but there should've been someone who was first to try this standard combination~.

Every time I eat this combination, there's something I always tend to think about . . .

Those expressions like "a harmony of this and that" are often used when someone tries to review a dish; and it is often said that cooking is similar to making music on the point that scientific compatibility and sensitivity mean much.

When I eat gohan (rice) with yaki zakana and daikon oroshi as a main dish, I find myself thinking randomly like "Maybe yaki zakana could be the chorus part of a song~." When I stuff myself with yaki zakana and daikon oroshi, I always think "Woow, this daikon oroshi with some drops of soy sauce, this tastes so good! Nothing could match yaki zakana better than this! Daikon oroshi . . . daikon oroshi . . . chomp chomp . . . hmm this could be . . . the best back chorus ! ! "

Honestly, I find myself a little annoying!

Seems like I've got into this habit since the tour of last year. I ordered Japanese-style breakfast many times in the rural hotels on the tour. Until then I seldom had breakfast, alone, quietly and slowly.

Daikon oroshi tastes so good, seriously. It's the best supporting actor that supports the standard good taste of yaki zakana. In contrast to warm fishes, it feels cool as well as tastes hot a little, and its centerless texture spreads steadily in the mouth. It's exactly like the spread of the time when you record a song in a falsetto!! I mean the cool way of singing, that can wrap the main vocal.

Well I again say, yakizakana and daikon oroshi taste good.

All this time, what I clearly remember as the happiest thing among all that was praised by my dad, is that when I was 12 years old and eating aji no hiraki (dried horsemackerel) for dinner, he said "Wow, you ate it in a real tidy manner, didn't you! I say you ate it with a better manner than I. So you really like horse mackerel."

This one line!

I don't know why but in these 24 years this could be something happiest for me among all the things I was told by someone. For the time being I mean. At that time, indeed I always ate the mackerel away leaving bones and skins(would this be the correct name to call?) only.

I have no idea but these memories have been an emotional sustenance for me. Whenever I tell this to others, they say it sounds strange . . . Does it? That's how a human life goes, isn't it??