Thursday, July 12, 2007

One letter

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

The iodine-enriched eggs . . .

Not that, but it's my real name.

I had been mistaken by many people for a boy because of this name "Hikaru" since my childhood, but I just found that when written in Kanji it looks even more like a boy's name!

And it looks like an egg brand name when written by fudepen(Japanese brush pen)! (lol)

And it looks anime-ish when written in katakana! (lol)

This name shows multiple talents.

I used a fudepen for the first time in ages when I drew the picture yesterday, which I found quite amusing. Among all the letters I wrote for some reason, I think I like this one best. It's pretty hard, to write "光."

When I was about to debut from Toshiba EMI, it came to the discussion of what to do with the stage name thing while - if I remember it right - doing recording in the studio, and someone said "Doesn't this name give a stiff impression to people when written only in Kanji?" Yes, that's true.

I decided to use "ヒカル" which had the same stroke count as the Kanji version, as "ひかる" had a different number of strokes. I didn' wanna change the number of strokes in my name, since the stroke count of my name was considered as one of the best!

By the way, as for my case, my surname is indeed a super rare one, but there should be a couple of "宇多田"san in Yamaguchi prefecture ! ! !

All the Utada-sans across Japan, my apologies for all of you who's got annoyed even just a little bit, by my making this surname popular(?) in a strange way! (Jeez, This is what I have wanted to tell you since a long time ago!) I thought you might be bothered if being asked like "Are you her relative?" and such . . .

The little good thing is that "宇多田"comes up quite easily these days when you use the Kana and Kanji conversion by PC or ke-tai(lol)

Come to think of it, a parent person told me by email that his/her elementary-school child, who had the similar name as mine, had been bullied at school because of the reason that the child was poor at singing though the name was similar." (makes no sense, huh?) I felt so sorry for that, so I wrote back "I'm sorry!" before I knew it, but he/she didn't believe it was me, thus perversely I made a phone call to him/her, talked directly and made him/her believe it was me . . . The subject was somehow changed from "to apologize" to "to have the person believe I am Utada Hikaru" while talking, and it seemed like the parent person was surprised and felt so timid. I made him/her so embarrassed at that time . . .

Since then, I've never done things like that(._.*)