Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Day of Nattow

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Today I'm scheduled to go out with my friend in the afternoon, but I was making a song and found myself up all night!

I named the file as Day of Nattow, as I started making it after the date had been changed to today. For some reason I used the word nattow, not nattou. 'Cause to end the word with a "w" looks kinda better.

Such a file name like this could automatically be a tentative song title as I start making a song doing some programming in the software called logic.

Once the works in the studio begin, I'm pretty sure all the staff will repeatedly shout "DAY OF NATTOW" "DAY OF NATTOW" like crazy until the real lyrics are wrapped up . . . Hehehehe . . . Things like this are a part of huge amusement in making music . . . You know . . . Hehehehe . . . .

By the way this is the 2nd one from the soy-food series.

I made a song with the file name Shoppai Misochiru in the past.

When I asked Komori-kun, the studio assistant guy, "What's your favorite food?", after thinking hard he replied:

" . . . Could be soy-food or stuff like that, I'd say . . . "

His reply somehow pulled the trigger of my laughter, so I laughed out loud very much.

Since I'm a Japanese, soy-food means so much to me.

I love nattow to death. LOVE. NATTOW LOVE.

I'm going out for now, keeping this strange excitement.