Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Great game!

The results was that Federer won his fifth consecutive Wimbledon title and Nadal lost again this year, but all in all it was really a good match!

Nadal has greatly evolved enough to make me think "How can a person change this much just in one year?" and Federer played as well as ever, which made me wanna ask him "Are you some kind of cyborg?" Neither of them gave an inch to each other. It was such a heated battle!

Nadal was sometimes dominant in the middle of the game, but after all the sets were over, Federer brought out his excellency and won the title . . .

. . . I heard like that.


You said "I heard," Hikki, could it possibly mean . . . ?

(*^-^)/ Ye~s You got it~

I fell asleep in the middle of the game

Damn you!! (  -_-)=))XoX((=(-_-  ) You dork!!

You know, some of your fans didn't get enough sleep 'cause your last message you wrote in excitement made them watch the game, are you aware of that! (; -_-)

Hehehe. I was so sleepy that I fell asleep around at 1:50. (= that was the best part right before the climax)

As soon as the game started at 11:15 I started drinking a canned chuhai(Hyuga-natsu citrus, the limited time offer of Hyouketsu, tastes very good!) and stared into the screen in incredible hyper mode, then reached a peak of excitement when Nadal made his first successful challenge call to the judge, and around half past 1am I was totally drowsy.

Their loads of super performances made me exhausted(._.*)

I just saw Federer on the news, crying on his back on the court at the moment of his winning! Usually Federer is a cool, intellectual type of guy, but you cannot but be a fan of him a little when you see him in such a state, you know.

Well personally I'd prefer Nadal, who looks like a primitive man, always in fighting fettle, nervous and sullen-looking*

If anything, I myself is a Federer type of person, who's not so good at revealing my fighting spirit or emotion, so maybe that's the reason why I think Nadal, the opposite type guy, is cute. I guess Federer would also be a sensitive type of guy, who can't easily be honest to his feelings.

I regret that I missed the French Open which Nadal won the title . . . I mean, when did they air it?