Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Earthquakes are scary

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Niigata had another big earthquake.

It fairly shook a lot even in Tokyo which scared me, but I heard it was just an earthquake with a seismic intensity of 3. You know, earthquakes scare you a lot when you are in Japan.

Having watched the news images of the people in the shelters sleeping without their pillow, I once again realized that a life with your pillow is such an invaluable thing. I hope everyone can go back to their bed at home and take a good sleep as early as possible!

The damages of the earthquake can be seen in many places, which would need a lot of reconstruction works, and here I hope everyone can go back to their normal daily life as soon as possible, by helping each other as same fellow Japanese. Or rather, as fellow beings!

"Me   think so   too   though   me is   Kuma"

'Kuma is our fellow too, Kuma Chang'

The image above is Kuma Chang about one and a half years ago. He looks younger than he is now, huh . . . ?