Monday, July 16, 2007

Typhoon gone

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

'Oh! Are you still holding your umbrella Kuma Chang?'

"Mumble . . . Hmm   Morning   Hikaru-chan"

'The typhoon is already gone. It's a beautiful day in tokyo after a long time~.'

"Eh   Typhoon already   gone"

'Your umbrella looks so cute, Kuma Chang. Give me a peek.'

"Aww   No me don't give this to u it's mine"

'I won't take it away from you! It's a little smaller type of umbrella, huh. Does it say "Naked Bunch"?'

"My NAGEDOBUNCHI umbrella"

'I think it reads Naked Bunch . . . but anyways . . . You can close and put away your umbrella for now. Okay?'

"Aww   No me don't give this to u it's mine   Me don't"

'Hmmm, alright then, why don't you hold your cute NAGEDOBUNCHI umbrella for today! It looks fine on you too, Kuma Chang.'

"Yup   mine   umbrella"