Wednesday, July 18, 2007


(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

A fan person gave this kuma-shaped speaker to me.

If you connect an iPod to him he plays it with a fairly high sound quality, and on top of that he flickers lights synchronized with music! A kid fave!

Since he looked pale and kinda dull, I just couldn't stop myself from adding eyebrows to him with a felt pen . . . (yes I've passed the point of no return . . . )

Now this kuma-san looks quite macho . . . hehe, well, good that he now has some sort of character . . . huh?

You just can't but love him when you tweak him like this.

And you know what, this kuma even has a pocket on his stomach, which can store an iPod. A foreign guy in the studio was saying like "Oh! Marsupial bear!"

By the way, as I said in the beginning he has a function to flicker lights, and I thought "Oh Jeez, with these eyebrows he could look kinda geeky while playing music and flickering lights, couldn't he?" (Saying out that he looks already geeky just as he is is putting it too bluntly, though)

Now I turn the switch on . . .

To be continued