Saturday, May 19, 2007

Plain bowl

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)


Woke up at dawn this morning, I don't know why but I headed straight to the kitchen all of a sudden and started washing dishes.

Maybe it was because my gripping power wasn't on full blast yet just after woke up, but when I finished rinsing a rather big bowl and swung it to swish water off, it slip!!!ped out of my hands, fell into the sink and got broken to pieces.

Sometimes it happens to me that things slip out of my hands when I'm doing the washing-up, but I never thought a thick bowl could get broken to pieces like that . . .

Well that made me completely awake after all . . . but I was so surprised. (Do I have a giant's strength?)

By the way this bowl, my friend always asks me why I'm using such a old-fashioned one like this, but I say . . . Don't you think it's good because it's type of the bowl you'd see when you visit your parents' home? That's just the image I have, though. (lol) When you visit your friend's parents' home, his/her mother's or grandma's dishes would be served by the plain-color tablewares like this, you know.

With a little longing I bought the bowl and dish with this pattern at the store that only my neighborhood old women would visit, 'cause I thought maybe I might feel like I'm dining out if I used fancy tablewares.

Well, it's broken now, so maybe it's about time I go buy some fancy ones too~ (._.*)