Sunday, May 20, 2007

Nice things I bought recently 1

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Here it is


It's the MicroMemo-san*

All you need is just to attach it to an iPod nano.

The thing on the left side is the MIC(you can change it with different ones; line-in recording enabled too), and you can play recorded voice memos by the bottom speaker.

Most of the time when I write a song, I start making stuff like chords or arrangements, then after I develop the music to some extent, with listening to it I feel my way and get fixated on the melodies, but I forget it myself unless I record it on something. "Wow! That phrase was pretty nice!" - the moment I thought, it's already gone.

I used to use MD(MiniDisc) but haven't used it at all for years, and I don't want to have an IC recorder just for this purpose, so I've always wondered if there would be any good thing that was easy to record/play.

I've always managed it with the memo function(only 2 memos can be entered)of my ke-tai whenever I come up with an idea of melody all of a sudden while going out or on the move.

And then, I found this one*

No batteries, nothing required and on top of that it's quite easy to handle, so there's no problem even if you're in a hurry, half asleep or drunk(this is the very important point(lmao))

I went to the new Apple Store in Shibuya the other day and it wasn't that crowded, unexpectedly. Wonder if it's hard for the techie-type of shops like that to get popular in Shibuya. Or it just happened to be uncrowded. Maybe it was just me but the store looked kinda out of place in the surrounding atmosphere(lol) But then again it makes me easier to visit there, so I hope that's always the case with there(^-^)

Say hello if you see me there*