Monday, May 21, 2007

Nice things I bought recently 2

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

It's a Kuma item - - - - ! ! !

Come on ! ! (mimicked Go Hiromi san, which I've been practicing at home lately, those subtle nuances are unexpectedly difficult though) (But I've been gettin' better) (Oh, sorry just a random thought)

It's Kuma magnets-. Damn cute~!

I found them at DAISO, got pretty excited like "Wooooooot ! ! This looks like soooooo Kuma Chang ! ! !" and rushed straight to buy them! I put them on the most eye-catching place of the fridge at home immediately!

Kudos to DAISO ! ! ! Although their selection of goods is pretty close to sorta chaos! Although it'd be better to check each item before you throw it into your cart 'cause some of them actually cost more than 100 yen! This Kuma Chang magnet is fairly good!

Cuz cuz cuz cuz

He's hiding his groin using a heart, you know?

It's almost breaking rules-! Just too cute-!

(-o-) Aww his cuteness even kills an old chap like me

It'll be cute enough to kill me if Kuma Chang also hides his groin using a heart like that saying "Aww You don't watch."

Hmm~. I wonder if it's okay to keep saying old-man-ish stuff like this. (suddenly got down to reality)

I didn't know that since I seldom buy fashion mags, but seems like a magazine called JILLE is gettin' popular lately, and when my stylist san started talking like "You know, JILLE is . . . " I asked back like "Huh? What JIRU(juice)?"

"What JIRU?" was a little too dumb reply I say . . . It just can't be as a normal questioning, without any context . . .

I bought a copy of JILLE today, in a gesture of apology.

I'm sorry, JILLE