Monday, May 21, 2007

Nice things I bought recently 3

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

It's "Meijin Wa Ayauki Ni Asobu(Experts Play With Danger)" written by Shirasu Masako tan which I've been totally hooked on right now.

(I smiled in a little creepy way. Hehehehe . . . )

The moment I saw the title I thought this is a must-buy, so I took a look at the content and learned this Shirasu Masako san had a quite interesting career. I feel ashamed I didn't know her until now. So she was the wife of Shirasu Jiro.

She was born in Meiji era and you know what, she'd studied in America from the age of 14. Wow. Could be a rare case in that era, for women, couldn't it?

From this essay anthology you can learn a lot about art, beauty, life, society, traditional Japanese culture and whatnot. This book reads like you're listening to your super-well-informed grandma talking about something interesting.

I find some parts of it quite impressive as well, unexpectedly.

In the story about her visiting Miyazaki to do some researches, you'll find this place name "西都原," which is called "SAITOBARU." When I first heard the name of Mr. 東国原, the governor of Miyazaki Prefecture, I thought "So it's called HIGASHIKOKUBARU~. Sounds pretty rare," but perhaps there may have always been place-names or personal names like that in Miyazaki, I guess.

Today I just introduced this to you as it's no use if I talk about the content of the book. You can find something unexpected in it, which brings you a fresh experience. I learn a lot from it as an artist too. In terms of Buddhism, you can learn the story from a little more different angle, which is interesting.

I'd rather sit down and read this book than read it through at one go.

Whew~ There's just so many books I wanna read, so there's never enough time~!