Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Nice things I bought recently 4

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

It's plastic accessories - - - ! ! !

Yes - - - ! This is it! ( ^ - ^ )

I've patiently waited for "plastic accessories boom" coming!

Utada !LOVE!s plastic-ish accessories, probably because she's been having the same sense of beauty from her childhood until now and still has no interest in jewelry. She's been in !LOVE! with it for 20 years.

Actually it doesn't have to be accessories. I'm a type of person who throws anything out quite easily, but I've still been keeping plastic dice in various colors as my treasure from childhood, which is a rare case for me. (I'll introduce it to you in the meantime)

Anyways, just looking at those plastic beautiful accessories makes me excited. Makes me feel like "I WANNA HAVE IT - - - ! ! ! " (-which is a rare case for me, too)

But look nowadays, if you say "plastic accessories" on sale, most of them have the 80's vibe, which makes me weep like "Aww no! You got it wrong! What I love, is more like, childish ones that have nothing to do with times or stuff like that! If possible I wanna have transparent colored ones!"

And finally this year! Plastic accessories are becoming popular! Various types of them are on sale from various vendors, so the city is now a mine of plastic accessories!

Naturally I have trouble visiting shops, but now I don't hesitate to go there! I'm gonna burst into the fashionable shop for young peoples to meet! So the transparent, big ring in the 1st row is the one I bought at FRAPBOIS in Daikanyama yesterday. The inside of it looks like a petit-aquarium.

The other day Murakami-san of my office was in a FRAPBOIS cloth, so looking at the tag I said "It's so slick~! But this shop costs you quite a bit of money, isn't it? Um, let's see . . . FRA, FRA . . . FRAP . . . ", then she returned "FRAPBOIS, it is"

Y, Yes yes that's it FRAPBOIS! (^-^;)

:slumps down:

Ha! I've already visited the shop anywayz! Now I'm one of those fashionable, slick people!

My another fave is the blue, heart-shaped round ring. Did I get it at BEAMS? I don't remember much 'cause I bought it on the internet. The black rose ring is the one I wore at a shooting some years ago and got there. The one in a different color, cream, looks cute too. I have no idea which shop has it though.

I'm so happy just looking at them placed on the table.:*:.(*^-^)

Jewelry weighs kinda heavy and looks glaring, which is scary to me. These guys are cute, seriously.

A Girl Hikaru is in full throttle ! ! !