Tuesday, May 15, 2007

KumaT ChariT

Alright, here it is, the report of "Boku wa Kuma" T-shirt contest!

. . . Awww, all those cute and innocent eyes on me!

Pp, please don't gaze at me with such clear eyes! Don't bully Devil Hikaru in me!
Aaaghh! (/m/ )

Shouting in my mind like that, I took the opportunity and stared and stared and stared at the cute girls.

First of all I went on the stage, said hello to people, then moved to judges' seat, and the moment I took the seat and wore my glasses, all the photographers started like !click! !click click click! !click click!

Because of what?

The last audition was held in a fashion show style with each of the 15 finalists girls. Those girls walking on the stage tensed, in the "Boku wa Kuma" T-shirt designed (colored) by themselves, were just so good that I almost saw them as my family jewels.

I wished I could show it to Kuma Chang, but it was right about keeping him at home so as not to hinder the show progress. Well, either way I'm pretty sure Kuma Chang couldn't see things very well from the judges' seat 'cause he was very nearsighted.

It was a pity that I had to choose only 3 grand prize winners, but also it was very nice to see the prizewinning kids being thrilled! It was very nice too that I could shake hands with all the 15 kids and say "Thank you! You were pretty great!"! All of them had quite tiny, tender hands, and those cuteness almost killed me on the moment.

I found it quite stimulating, as I hardly contact with kids on a daily basis*

I'm glad I had this opportunity to make a donation to "Vaccines for the World's Children" with Narumiya International san.

The vaccines were delivered immediately to the kids in Myanmar, and I wondered "Why all these little kids are with makeup, wearing traditional costume-like clothes?" when someone showed me their photo at that time. All of them were in the state of "seven-five-three" festival.

And on this day, I heard Hosokawa-san(Japan's representative of "Vaccines for~") said in her speech that the mothers came over the vaccine supplying place, all dressed up, bringing her kids with her, which made me nearly cry. Well that's true. They were longing for it. The vaccine to save their kids' life.

Also, the photo of the Myanmar kids, wearing a colored KumaT on their formal costume, looked quite surreal and cute! (lol)

So. At the end of the event we took a group photo! The kids' honest impressions, who were faced with a bunch of cameras, made me laugh out loud. "I don't know where to look at~" "Standing makes me tired~" "I've been putting on a smile and now my face started twitching~"

The child (13, 4 years old) next to me stood at almost even height, and I thought "Thank God I wore high-heeled shoes . . . " Really. That was close.

In the pre-meeting I heard "We requested the media people to refrain from questioning during the photo-shoot" from the staff, which made me think "Maybe you don't need to go that far," but come to think of it, it may not be too good if they yelled "divorce this" "divorce that" at me surrounded by the kids. Could've been troublesome as many other companies and organization people were present too.

Well, seems like most of tabloids had the headers like "First time after divorce!", though.
(;^-^A) I'm sorry

And I also found a lot of the words "Shapely legs" in the paper.

S, Shapely legs (lol)

Me with shapely legs (lol)(lol)(lol)