Tuesday, May 15, 2007

An episode

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

The backstage of the event, which was already expected to be busy. The clothes of the backstage staff had been roughly decided in advance, to minimize the confusion.

For example, the staff of Narumiya International san put on a black suit.

And the staff of Utada Hikaru . . .

. . . put on a Kuma Chang T-shrt.    Tada!

We made a round of T-shirts which had the print of grand prize and other prizes winning works of Kuma Chang coloring contest, held at my site some time ago ! !

That turned my surroundings into a healing space. Whenever I enter the waiting room, the mature grown-ups putting on Kuma Chang T-shirt greet me with a smile . . .

You guys are the best

Huh . . .

Could, could my dad . . . ? Could my dad possibly put on a Kuma Chang T-Shirt as well?!

(((|| '_')) *trembles hard*

. . . It turned out that he put on a suit. N, no wonder.

'Hey look, Kuma Chang, please don't say you don't like T-shirt. This one, is a T-shirt with Kuma Chang dwawings!'

"This is   a very good T-shirt   Hikaru-chan    Me like it very much"