Sunday, May 13, 2007

Flash report! T-shirt contest

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

This afternoon, in Tokyo, I attended the last audition & awards ceremony of Kuma Chang T-shirt design contest held with pom ponette! (I'm not exactly sure where it was held 'cuz I was taken there by car . . . Could be in the building of Brooks Brothers in Aoyama? or Omotesando)

You know what, I chaired the reviewing board! Gwahahahahahah ! ! Gwahhhahahahahah ! ! Gwa


Today I wanted to write about the contest, but I haven't completed the lyrics yet which I need to wrap up by tomorrow so I'll write about it in a relaxed manner after I finish the lyrics.

Today I keep off Torneko 2 also and concentrate on writing the lyrics. (Wonder if Okita-san is reading here . . .)

I'll play with Kuma Chang moderately.

Huh? Kuma Chang?

"Me   don't   like   T-shirt   Hikaru-chan . . . "