Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Chapter 1

(Continued from yesterday)

On this day, we took on the challenge of making a pear tart.

You may think "What?! So you did try to overcome such a high hurdle from the start??", but I heard my friend had made it once, and also we've made a steamed banana cake together in the past. Let's work it out with the recipe book! We're gonna make sweets, which all girls love!

First of all let's go food shopping! Two girls, shopping cheerfully in the supermarket with a memo in their hand . . . Yes yes yes, this is exactly the girly behavior that I was desperately looking for . . .

Oops ! ! We haven't got canned pears, the key item for our cooking!

" . . . Maybe canned peaches would be OK, right?"


Is it really OK ----? ! ! (lol)

We should stop fussing over trivial things like peach or pear or whatever, to accomplish a big thing! The essence! We gotta keep sight of the essence of things!

So, we finished food shopping and got home. Now we go on to make a *peach tart* :squeals:

Let's see, first of all . . .

My friend: "AAAAAAHHHHH ! ! ! ! !"

Me: "What! What's wrong!"

My friend: "Hikaru . . . I'm wondering if you have a can opener. Do you?"

Me: " . . . No I don't"

Does our challenge end here, this quickly ? ! ! !

To be continued