Thursday, March 22, 2007

I cleaned the house through the night as my songwriting got stuck

Well, seriously, I thought I gotta write about this as soon as possible.

My interview article in the magazine called MUSICA, released this month, was partially picked up by the media from time to time.

The interview explored various things related to myself deeper than the usual interviews, and I naturally came to talk about my mom because her presence means so much to me.

I believe everyone has special or mixed feelings toward the presence (or absence) of their parents, keeping them as the eternal theme of their life no matter how old they are . . . It seems like, what I said created a far more negative impression of my mom than I could imagine, so I deeply regret it now. I referred to a very personal topic of mine in a halfway manner.

As her daughter, even I myself often think she is an eccentric person, but she is the purest, most adorable person with a strong sense of justice I have ever met. She is very apt to be misunderstood, though.

I made a sort of apology here as it's been hurting me so much that I've contributed to the creation of another misunderstanding while I'm in a position to protect her.

I love my mom, and I always think I want to get closer to her.

Put simply, that's what I wanted to tell you.

Thank you for reading!