Thursday, March 29, 2007

Wanna take a forest bath

Yesterday I picked up a 100yen coin in the studio-!!!

Man, that made me so excited-!!!

(I rushed straight to Glico's "office thingamajig" which stocked sweets of 100yen flat rate and got a sweet from it!!!)

I've wrapped up the lyrics of the song I talked about the other day, finished the recording of singing with no problems as well, and I've already been working on the next song from the day before yesterday. I happen to have a lot of deadlines that all need to be completed in this period, because of tie-up related things . . .

I've gotta think up melodies by the end of today! (actually I was saying I'd finish it by the end of yesterday, though(lol))

I was so agonizing over what melody to write, but now I sorta feel the wind of change is blowing after I picked up that 100yen . . . ! (I'm so simple)

Alright let's get down to today's work-*