Friday, August 11, 2006

Unexpected drawing result

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

I'm not kidding.
I'm serious. Really.

The LOTO6 tickets we got in Nagoya. I thought we wouldn't win, but just in case, I checked the drawing result on the site of LOTO6.

Well, let's see.

So is it here? No, it's the result of last week. Oh, here it is. Um, the result of 8/10 . . .
First off let's check my ticket.

('-' )(._. ) Hmmm. Aw, I drew a losing ticket! Any numbers don't match the winning ones. I thought I was always lucky in lotteries~. But you can't blame anybody.

Alright, then let's check Kuma Chang's ticket too.

('-' )(._. ) So, the first one is 04 . . . Oh, this one matches.

('-' )(._. ) The next ones, lost, lost, lost, oh my.

('-' )(._. ) Hm? Mmm?

('-' )(._. ) . . .

. . . !

('o' ) Ku . .

('o' ) Ku, Kuma Chang---! He drew a winning ticket---!

Get real---! A bear drew the winning ticket, even though it's the 5th prize! (lol)

Now I'm starting to wonder what the results of all the tour staff are like! My dad said he lost too, by the way. I'd feel sorry if there were a few winners but Kuma Chang. (lol)

Well personally I don't feel the sting of defeat at all, as I couldn't hit the side of a barn! (I, I really don't!) I think I'm now saving my luck for tomorrow's Tetris event!

Yes. Tomorrow, I'm to join in the Tetris match battles for a Nintendo event!!! A lot of the people who wanted to battle me applied for this, and the chosen ones, how many was it, like 30? The battle against a good number of the brave is awaiting me.

I will fight trying to knock all of them down no matter if they were young or old!
I'm already trembling with excitement! (this is a lie, actually)

I feel my heart racing . . . I would suck if I turned out to be weak after I talked a lot about my love to Tetris . . . Oh God please, may I report a good result tomorrow . . . !