Friday, August 11, 2006

Kuma Chang's gloom

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

In this morning . . .


'What's wrong, my Kuma Chang?'

"It's not a good hair day today Hikaru-chan. Me have a problem with summer because summer is humid. My hair become moist and get swollen   And my body feel heavy."

'Hair? My Kuma Chang, so you're caring about your hairstyle that much? Sorry for my using 2 humidifiers in my room all the time!'

"Yup Hikaru-chan is to blame! Humidity 70% is like you are in jungle. Me is a city-bred bear you know. Me is getting popular rapidly so Hikaru-chan is jealous of me and mean to me   That hurts that hurts"

'No you've got that wrong~! I'm a singer so I'm trying to moisten my throat~!'

"Eh   So Hikaru-chan is a singer"

'Yes I am.'

"Oh yeah. Then you couldn't help it Me will forgive you if you help me to do my hair."

'Sorry for the always-high humidity room. It's tough being a bear.'

"It's not easy being a singer too   Hikaru-chan   Me will be behind you"