Saturday, August 12, 2006

It's just Tetris, but it's more than just Tetris

Mmmmmm! How frustrating~~~~!!

The Tetris match-up event.

The result of my games against 30 of the brave, who was selected in a drawing, was 26 wins and 4 losses.
Grrrr!! I intended to make it 30 consecutive wins~! I should've entered the venue earlier, checked the environment and done a warm-up~!! Grrr~I definitely wanna do it over again~! And I wanna win all my games~!

The 1st match, and the 2nd match. I lost 2 games against 2 young women. This can't be happening! Mistakes after mistakes after mistakes! Come on! Am I having a nightmare?!
This sucks, I go home now! ( ' O ' ) Honestly, now I feel like crying.

The 3rd match. Calm down me! Let this controller and my mind unite! Time to fight! And . . . I got a good win!!! Finally I played in good order! Yes I won't get beaten again!

"YES!!" I almost shouted, but I found the venue was packed in the atmosphere of some subtleness.

. . . My opponent was a 7-year-old girl, of all opponents.

( ;-_-) er . . . I, I'm sorry, normally I'm not this fierce . . . Aw, pl, please don't give me that look . . . so . . . say . . . Maybe we could play Tetris again some time . . .

So the next thing I knew, I found myself enjoying the matched so much that I could forget about the tiredness by the tour.

And finally! The matches against the assassins from Nintendo! There you are! They're the expert guys from Tetris-DS R&D Department! I'm extremely honored and happy just to have a match with them. But then again I wanna win, absolutely!!!

The result was: I got beaten by the 1st assassin, but I defeated the 2nd assassin after a tough battle!
I was deeply moved. For the first time in my life I put my whole heart into playing Tetris, and now I feel like, I have no more regrets in my Tetris life. (I wanna do it over again, though (lol))

A billion thanks to you all (T_T)

Come to think of it, I say everyone did their best under that awkward condition! Indeed! I hope those people who came all the way from a distance enjoyed the event very much~. If only we could've had more time and done some talks and stuff!
Feeling some magical sense of unity, we all the participants took a ceremonial photo together at the end of the event, and the curtain came down in a friendly atmosphere.

You know I . . . I don't have my own fan club, so perhaps this Tetris event could've been the most fan club meet-up-like event ever . . .
What a singer I am! (lol)
I find this kind of thing pretty good (*^-^*)
Everyone had a good fight, and I'd like to thank you all very much*

(I know I'm saying this too much, but I wanna do it over again (lol))