Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Oops don't read

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

This tastes good.

In the meantime, you know it's already been 7 years since I started to write these diary-like messages here~!

There were some lo~ng blanks on the way, though!
( ^_^)p)- . - ; ) ugh

I still don't feel like this is a public place.

I get so embarrassed suddenly when my friends or the people I meet at work tell me stuff like "I'm reading your diary!" or "Oh, Hikaru you wrote it on your blog before didn't you"!!

(*x.x*) Oops! Please don't read it! - that's what comes to my mind! (stupid me)

But a couple of minutes ago. Suddenly I thought of this person who's been working together with me lately. He's the person I haven't had a long conversation with yet, although I've seen him a lot on important occasions. So what I did then was of course . . . Googling. (lol)

Some sites were found by googling his biography, works and such. Which were all about what I knew already.

Then again! The next moment!

I found his private site----! (^o^)

I checked it straight away---!

"Oh so he plays music~. His image with his guitar looks quite new to me~! Oh Geez, he's released CDs before! I definitely wanna take a listen to it!"

"Oh yes! YES! Here's his diary!"

"Eeek! His character on his blog is different than usual-! I feel like I'm reading what I shouldn't be reading . . . ! I think I'm getting embarrassed now, what's this feeling!?"

I was so excited myself that I browsed every single content of his site.

The next thing I knew, Kameda's match, pumped up by TBS a lot from the evening, was already in the 10th round!

I was too into the site of the person I know to notice the match had already started! (Just how much was I into the site?)

We both feel shame at our personal diary on the net. - that would be the thing I wanted to say, I believe . . .

When I see M-san in Niigata, I guess I would go like

*grins*   ^m^)

I'm already getting to feel creepy about myself! Hehehe!

Ah, Kameda's match isn't over yet. Perhaps I'll check the last part of it*