Thursday, August 03, 2006

Message from the past

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

My tour, that travels across the whole country of Japan.

Matter of fact, if you ask about what it is like inside my dressing room, it has almost the same environment no matter which venue I'm in. The furniture is owned by each venue of course, but the staff people carry a lot of items - humidifier, radio-cassete player, foods, beverages, bathrobe, slippers, candles and whatnot - across the place and put them in my dressing room every time for me. This is a very important thing! And I appreciate their help very much! 'Cause I would like to be in the place that I can relax as much as possible before the show.

So that's why the same items are always put on the table, and there are these items that I've been curious about since the Generalprobe day.

Those are a set of crayon pastels and sketchbook.

Perhaps someone may have placed them as I often draw pictures. But then why crayon pastels? It could be marker pens or whatever . . .

I had some time before the Fukuoka show so I thought of drawing pictures and eventually picked up this set of crayon pastels!

Somehow this sort of stuff fills me with nostalgia . . . Huh? Now that I look closer, it seems very . . . battered?!

I mean . . . hey it has a bunch of doodles on its case! Ugh! A poop! A doodle of poop! Who have done such a childish, vulgar thing . . . ?! For the sake of what . . .

Me: "Hey, look at this! There's a bunch of doodles on it! Do you have any idea who could have done this?? And when?"

Staff: "Oops, yeah there it is~! You know, just a few staff members are allowed to come in and out of the dressing room . . . And I think there's no such person among them that would do things like this . . ."

Me: "Yeah I agree!! I don't remember any person whose character would drive him/her to do this, and everyone is too busy to do this in the first place, right? By the way, how come these crayon pastels have got battered this much?"

Staff: "Ah, to tell the truth, it's because these are the crayon pastels that had been placed in the dressing room too on the tour 6 years ago! I found it in the office so I brought it here!"

Me: "You did?! That's great they were still left in the office! That's amazing."

Staff: " . . . "

Me: " . . . "

Staff: " . . . "

Me: " . . . So it's . . . me . . . "

Staff: " . . . Er, hmmm . . . I say this doodle could be of . . . "

Me: "Yeah . . . no one but me would do things like this . . . haha . . . ha . . . "

First I wondered who did such a stupid thing and

( 'o') it was me!!!

So that way I surely received a nice message from me 6 years ago*

Stupid me (T_T)