Sunday, August 27, 2006

I took a stroll

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

I've been living with almost no sunlight, just like the girl in Taiyou no Uta. Too unhealthy! No wonder you're light-skinned! Get some sun!

So, I took a walk in the large park right in front of the hotel yesterday in the morning, as I had time before leaving Sapporo*

I headed out with 2 of my staff, with the walking map I got from the hotel in my hand!

The park seemed to be fairly large according to the map. 3 of us had a strategy meeting briefly. Hmmm~it's been a while since I last stared at a map this seriously. Considering time constraints, we selected B Course out of some other courses. Well it was just, a course to circle the park quite normally.

Alright, here we go~!

"Uh-oh, H, Hikaru-san, you're going the wrong way!"

I went off the route 15 seconds after the start.
(T o T) Weeeeep Mommy~

Come to think of it, I just remembered I was a person with zero sense of direction . . . *says it with feeling*

After that I was still going the wrong way every time we ran into a fork in the road. My staff pointed to the right way like "This way" every time. After all, I ended up just walking the road just as directed by them.

I-It's fun to take a stroll (T O T) Hahaha . . .

Well at least I returned the hotel safe! I got some sun after a long time! I learned I should never go into the places like woods alone! (lol)

It was a crisp morning.

If only I could go on a short trek in Hokkaido. Well maybe another! time*