Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I reached the finish line

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Yes, because the finish line was there . . .

Now let me explain the what-the-heck image above!

It was when I was strolling in Nakajima Park in Sapporo the other day . . .

Oh, here comes a jogger. Looks quite authentic. I mean the shortness of that gym shorts, the cut edges on both sides, the thinness of the cloth are quite . . . (Got it? (lol))

Oh, here comes another jogger. Again wearing an authentic gym shorts! I say this is what's great about Hokkaido! (?) Everyone is so healthy~! Which is a great thing.

. . . Like that, I was being impressed by those runners with authentic gym shorts; the word was that the 2006 Hokkaido Marathon was to be held the next day, and that the finish line was somewhere in this park. No wonder the runners were seen here and there.

I walked on and got into this zone where lots of white tents and big trucks were lining. That's right, the finish line was already set up!! That was the first time I saw the finish line of marathon live, which quickly raised my excitement level!!

I went straight to take some ceremonial photos there with no hesitation. (stared by the staff people around)

I'm sorry for all who participated in the Hokkaido Marathon on the next day! I reached the finish line before you!


You don't run to the finish line; you just come across it while taking a walk. That might be the way life is~*