Thursday, August 31, 2006

"That Can't Be True" Awards for August

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This has nothing to do with the body of the message, but this is my favorite uchiwa(paper fan) during the tour this time. My dad sat on it without knowing when I left it on the sofa. The uchiwa, which memorized the shape of my dad's bottom . . . I'm still using it.

* Now let me announce the winners of "That Cant' Be True" Awards for August~*
* First, "An ice rink turned sauna?!" is selected to receive the jury's special award*

The more I did the show, the higher the temperature on the stage got! Profuse sweating! No wonder I couldn't help but look forward to Sapporo shows.

I arrived in Sapporo in the evening of the day before the show. A welcome of cool breeze raised my expectation! "Here it comes! The Sapporo shows! In Makomanai Ice Arena . . . God, what a cool sound of the words! It could be a little cooler than usual . . . Could make me feel a little better as well . . . I, who is physically fragile secretly, is wearing myself out now . . . !"

And on the show day! I was called to the rehearsal, and headed from the backstage onto the stage. On the way to stage, the staff people told me "Well, today the stage is really hot~, take care please~" one after another.

Huh? What are they talking about? Are they kidding me?

I stepped onto the staircase of the stage. Eh? The temperature rises 1 degree every time I go up a stair

A ngggggggahahh!! Hooooooooooooooot!!!! This is the hottest stage ever!!! What's happening!!!

"Yes that's right~, this venue was established in 1972, the Winter Olympics year, and got no air conditioning~. Good luck!"

(^-^ ).o0 That can't be true.

And the show started. From the stage the audience looked like < very modest audience at an open-air festival >! (lol) The amazing people getting into the music without getting out of line despite their being thrown water . . . they were all sweating like that!
I was also excited on the stage like "Oh, so I had a sweat gland here? Seems like this sweat gland just awoke! Congratulations!" (I'm not sure what is what now)

After all, we had the hottest temperature in Makomanai Ice Arena shows in Sapporo during the tour*

I learned a lesson, which was, this is what happens to you when you expect things like "Coolness could make me feel a little better*"!
('o' ) Get a grip!

*Now I am pleased to announce the winner of the Grand Prix*
*I'll be right back*