Saturday, August 26, 2006

I missed the chance to tell you, but

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

- this tastes so good.

I just finished Sapporo two days. Will talk about it another time!

It seems like, I got hooked on a TV documentary starting from around 10 am, in just tow days. I don't think it's on the air only in Hokkaido, but the air time would be very much different by location~. I wonder if I could watch it in Tokyo as well~.

It's a historical documentary led by this erotic historian woman with her reporter-ish coverage. It's rich in content, and most of all, the woman is somehow erotic! I may not think that way that much if I see her on the street, but I say what makes her so attractive is the gap between her looks and the fact she's a historian, her English accent, and the picture of her speaking at ruins, rocky places and such!

Maybe I could check this with Hokkaido people?? If you watch this program in Tokyo please let me know~!

Ahhh~ I'm so sleepy! I go to bed now!

Good night . . . *mumble mumble* . . .