Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The rich 3

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

'Think it over carefully! What is it that Kuma Chang really wants?!'

"Uhih . . . Eh   Me is okay if pillow-san is with me like now   And if me can get febrezed sometimes   And if Hikaru-chan takes care of me"

'See, all of them doesn't cost so much money.'

"Ah That's right What's the matter with me Money is scary"

'Don't lose track of yourself. How about if you put that one thousand yen in your bag for the time being?'

"Yup. *rustle* Say Hikaru-chan Do China and Japan not get along?"

'We saw a lot in the news as today was the day World War II ended. It's said that China is angry because Prime Minister Koizumi visited Yasukuni Shrine. Oh yeah my Kuma Chang, maybe you get worried about it because you are made in China, don't you?'

"Yup Me don't like fights"

'It seems like reconciliation is not that easy because of many reasons like the wars in the past, current politics or economy, each one's thoughts and whatnot. And yet, wars still break out here and there.'

"Eh   Why"

'I wonder why too. You know, sometimes Kuma Chang loses track of yourself, right? Sometimes human beings do something strange depending on conditions and environments. If only we could forgive each other.'

"We two can get along well"

'Yeah, we can.'

"Me get kinda tired now *mumble mumble*"