Saturday, June 03, 2006

A new Shito

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

This one. This mouse. This looks to me like a Shito . . .

Shito ni miete doushiyou mo na~i*
Sore to kore to wa kankei na~i*
Shito ni miete*do

You, dork(((((;-_-)=)) -o-).:'.
You just shattered the image of SAKURA Drops! (; -_-)


Say, the other day I was interviewed for the Eva special issue by Weekly Playboy Magazine san, who heard I was a huge Eva fan, and someone who found the name of Weekly Playboy Magazine in the list of scheduled-to-publish magazines featuring my interview emailed me asking "Hikaru-san, er, are you gonna strip off for it?" . . .

No way ! !

. . . A magazine, featuring more embarrassing gravure pictures and interview of me in a sense, is to be issued this month. I can't get near to magazines section in convenience stores, by thought of that magazine lining the shelves . . .

(/m/ )


Guess which magazine that is?