Friday, June 02, 2006

A new mystery

When I'm in the car I always leave the roof window open, as long as it doesn't rain too hard.
I don't mind light rain and just keep the window open.

It's because I love wind so much!

It's getting warmer lately, with a very nice breeze - something happened just when I was thinking like that . . .

It happened while passing below the highway.


Eek! That's cold! Is that rain??
No, it's fine and sunny outside, right?

. . . Holy crap, a mystery liquid stuck to my arm and cheek ! ! !


(|||=o=) Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek ! ! ! !

Ew, what is that?! What the heck is that ?!
Hey me, wait a minute! Do I really want to know what it is?! Can my heart stand the cruel fact? There's a saying, "Ignorance is bliss"! I better wipe it off with tissue and calm down first ! !

. . . *wipes it off*

After that I just tried not to think about anything till I got to the studio, trying to empty my mind.
I kept it to myself up until today, but I took this opportunity to pour out floods of my heart, because I felt like my wound would never heal if nothing was done.

Could be some sort of droplet, I guess. Ha ha ha. You know, like something from the car air-conditioner and stuff . . .

Well, this doesn't hurt at all actually, considering the psychological damage I suffered when a dove's dropping hit my head in my junior high school days ! ! I don't care beans about a mystery liquid ! Hehehe*

Now that I think about it, the shock of dove's dropping was tremendous . . . I ran all the way home crying, then washed my head . . .

Haha . . . that could be the strongest thing I remember about my junior high days. :slumps down:

"I would like to go ahead, remembering the 'bitter memories to forget' and taking them as an important milestone to return to somewhere someday." (excerpt from Message from Utada Hikaru/Utada 6.1)

Have a nice evening!
(I've had it with "Have a good night"(*^.^*)/*smile*)