Sunday, June 04, 2006

Today I taped Top*Runner

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

I got very tense, talked a lot, admired Honjou Manami san a lot and got tired so much-!

The photo is of the shoes used as part of costumes today, though it's black and hard to see! They're so cute that I've sneaked them out*No not true, I've bought them.

What I murmured at backstage right before the taping of the talk part was:

"Ahh~. Today after the taping I wanna go back home, eat something, and go to bed . . . "

"That's just pretty normal!" the makeup staff san and stylist san pointed out immediately.

Oh yeah, true! Somehow I put myself out to voice my hope, which kinda went without saying and was natural for living things. I'm like being true to myself lately*

Anyway, you get very much tired after you talk desperately about something, don't you ! !

I think it could be sorta fun, as I've never talked that long on TV before. It was like talking in an interview for a magazine.

In the meeting before the show, the production staff told me "Including some specific episodes could make the show more interesting and easy to understand for the viewers," so I went into the taping thinking "Alright! Some specific episodes! I'll do my best to include them!" . . .

I got nervous by the mysterious mood of the show and kept talking about episodes of Dragon Ball and Neon Genesis Evangelion . . . Hmm, huh? (T O T)

I described them indeed in detail but I guess that wasn't what the production staff meant . . .
Or rather should I say that wasn't how it was supposed to be . . .
o(- . -o) Pon pon . . .

Good night(T O T)