Monday, May 08, 2006

This can't be happening Part2

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Yaa~aay! Look at this, look at this~!

The vending machine is fixed now~!

Which drink should I pick first to celebrate the recovery~:sings: Maybe I'll pick Sencha(natural leaf tea)~:sings:
I'm all excited like this in front of the vending machine!

Hmm? A studio staff guy is looking at me trying to say something.

"Uh, this could be a shock to you"

Huh? What?

"In the meeting this morning, we were told out of the blue that the free-of-charge service of this vending machine was to be over tomorrow evening."

( 'O') THAT

( 'O') CAN'T

"It seems like a part of the cost-cutting thing"

( 'O') BE

( 'O') TRUE ... ! ! !

. . . So I got exactly what I deserve, I guess :slumps down:

Why this timing of all timings . . . Too good in a sense, isn't it.

As I really just can't take it, I'm gonna draw on all the staff in the studio and get all the drinks down until tomorrow evening! Drink up! Drain it! Drink up just like you're taking down the final boss!

I'm gonna gulp down premium Sencha! :gets steamed up:

Alright everyone! Let's join forces and make it! (Make what?)