Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Episode 4: "Hole, Removal and Afterwards"

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Sorry I made this title from one of Evangelion's episodes(before I knew it, as I've started to watch those DVDs again lately(-o-)).

So. Of course, next time, service service! No, not that one! What do you think this thing in the photo is!?

This faded pastel-green color that gives off something medical(all those surgeon's suits, and kindergarten-like clothes you wear when having a complete medical checkup - their colors are like this) . . . this crooked, snaky and grotesque form that's unique to organic materials . . .

The answer is:


It looks like this~.
:blush: Aww! Please don't stare at it too hard! (:sings: Is this really what someone that uploaded the image said?)

My ears doctor made a mold of my ears, to make new in-ear monitors (something like professional earphones, that fit inside your ears) for the live.

The doctor kneads the cold clay-like thing, injects it into my ears by a big syringe-like thing, then pulls it out of my ears with a string after curing like when you use a tampon-chan!(this is the ninpou "you can say anything by adding '-chan' in the suffix") (why don't you use this ninpou casually, too?)

So these are what came out. These guys.

They will be sent to the vendor in America, to make the in-ear monitors!

I'm looking forward to putting the new ones(^-^) Heheh

(NOTES by Nuuk)
"Hole, Removal and Afterwards (Ana, toridashita ato)" ... she would have made this title from that of "Neon Genesis Evangelion" Episode 4, "Rain, Escape and Afterwards (Ame, nigedashita ato)."
"Of course, Next time, service service!" ... is said in the episode preview of "Neon Genesis Evangelion" each time.