Wednesday, May 10, 2006

About my upcoming tour

Regarding UTADA UNITED 2006, it seems like some of you are a little worried that I use the word "compilation" a lot in press releases and interviews.

It doesn't mean I'll finish my career nor this will be the last time.

There are some people that I may meet in the flesh once in a lifetime; some may be shy and new to the live concert experience; some could be wheelchair users who find it difficult to come; some could come from miles around.

A show is a living thing so you would see the one-night chemistry every night, even if I'm to do the same show a lot of times throughout the tour.

I wanna make the show the most memorable one of each one's life in the place, which means it has to be the most memorable one every night for me as well, right?

That means to get my act together, that is, to do a compilation.

I think putting my works of the past 8 years on the same stage will be something like super ultra fast-forwarding 23 years of my life and even having a sneaky peak into my future.
The past 23 years are equal to 201360 hours taking 5 days from it with leap years in mind, right? If the show length is approx. 2 hours, then the fast-forwarding speed would be 100680x, holy crap!

It's too fast to see isn't it? x

Woow~! I'm looking forward to it very much! o

I cried at the beginning of the encore, in the last show of Hikaru no 5 run, which I found unprofessional and regretted afterwards, but I really couldn't help it at that time!

Looking up at the big set-list-chan on the wall behind, sitting on the sofa.
From the studio on pre-production.